17 September 2011


Some of you lovely folks may be wondering, "Connie, what in the world are you talking about?" Let me explain.
According to what I remember, the old footballs (the one you throw around, not the one you kick) were made of a skin from a pig--hence, the "pigskin" part.

Oh look! A picture of a football! (this isn't my pic, btw)
There is an event at our school, near the beginning of the school year, in which all the clubs and sports teams and classes (freshmen/soph/jr/sr etc) can set up booths and sell stuff (like cookies and lanyards and t-shirts and COTTON CANDY, etc) as a fundraiser in a bazaar-esque setting.
"But Connie," you may be asking. "What does any of this have to do with the story you mentioned a few lines ago?" Ah, yes. That lovely story from a few lines back. Well, you see, there is a football game going on at the same time as the bazaar. Put 2 and 2 together, and you have the Pigskin event, simultaneously referring to the actual game and the bazaar at the same time.
But mostly to the latter. The game pretty much a bonus.
Confusing? Hope not. I'd hate to have to retype that entire thing all over again.
My school had our pigskin last Friday (September 16). I volunteered to help out for my school's Art Club (proud member since 'o9...booyah), and thus spent a whopping 11 hours at school yesterday.
Why 11? I ended up staying after school to help set up (the event started at 5 pm).
Anyways, back to my story. The Art Club was offering caricatures and cotton candy at the Pigskin (why yes, I did eat a lot of cc. How did you know?) and I volunteered to draw caricatures. We were allowed to draw in whatever style we wanted, and we were only required to bring in one example artwork:
My friend/model is a big fan of Harry Potter, hence the wand and seafoam green magic thing.
And that's what my Friday was like. I'm now dead tired because I also had to get up early today (on a Saturday, too!) for a SAT prep class (October test! So nervous/ready to get this over with!). I got home about three hours ago, and am ready to collapse. Decided to type this up before I completely zonked out.
So how was everyone else's day?

Wishing she had a robot to do her homework for her,

PS--What do you think of this layout? Do you prefer having pictures between chunks of words, or having them all mashed up into one pile like the previous posts?


  1. That footy thing sounds fun and it would be so cool to do carictures. Wow, sounds like you are exhausted from school, I'm on holidays at the moment so I am doing basically nothing. Oh yeah, I like the way this post was set out with words then picture then words.

  2. I agree with Carla. I like the text then pics then text etc. I love your drawing. I wish I was as talented as you. I am not at all tired. I am on holiday's doingwhatever I want !!!!!!! :-D