09 September 2011

Oh, Oh, Oh! I Should Probably Say Hello!

I probably really should do that...my first two posts weren't very introduction-y, haha.
Hello! I'm Connie! There's no real use hiding my name, seeing as it's on my dA account (as previously noted). I am 16 (going on 17, baby, it's time to think~...*cough*) and am currently living the absolutely joyful junior year high school life. *coughsarcasmcough*
Which means I'm pretty much going to be like this: 
the rest of the year. Huzzah!
...Is the font I'm using too small? Please say so if it is. I'll make it bigger. I just like smaller font. And small things in general.
As you can probably tell, I love drawing. And taking pictures. Between drawing and photography, my love is split 70-30, respectively. I just love drawing so much~! <3
I also fairly fond of plushies/stuffed animals in general. I have a fairly small collection, so I hope to expand my collection a bit more this year. :D

Um...some more things I love:
Harry Potter. How can you not love the books?
Just the books, though. Haven't seen the movie.

A writing event.

deviantArt is my life.

I sleep way too much. XD

Pfft, I do this too often as well.
I love balloons. I love this picture. :)

Um, yeah. I think that's enough about me for now.
See you next post! :)
--Connie, Stealer of Souls

And yes, I did reuse my sleeping picture. I was too lazy to draw another one. :D


  1. your font is fine! love the pics! and although this makes me sound like a nerd (but it shouldn't) I am a crazy Harry Potter fan! I have only just watched all of them and now i am obsessed!!!! My best friend redpunzel made me watch them and i thought they were going to be really boring! but they weren't yay!!!! sorry for the long comment! :-)!!! i also have just put on a new post check it out!

  2. do u want me to advertise your site on my blog or not ?

  3. I like the last picture. AND i love harry potter too, just like Charli! you are a great drawer.