28 October 2011

NaNoWriMo! Is! Almost! Here!

If you remember from a previous post in which I introduced myself, one of the things I love is NaNoWriMo.
Oh November, how I yearn for thee...
In case you've forgotten, NaNoWriMo (which stands for "National Novel Writing Month") is a writing event in November in which people, such as you and me, set a goal: to write 50,000 words by 11:59:59 pm on November 30...without repeating the same word 50,000 times.
My main characters this year are two university childhood friends, both girls. One is a clean freak and extremely OCD, but is otherwise fairly calm. The other is a messy person who leaves things lying around all the time. She is also easily distracted and is possibly slightly ADD. My plot starts with these two girls moving together as roommates for the same university (which I have yet to name), and basically revolves around their strangeness/friendship, etc. I have yet to create a "villain" character, but I'm sure one will appear sooner or later.
I got stuck at 28,000 words last year...I will prevail this year! 50,000 words,  here I come!
I've already gotten two MC's and two supporting characters, as well as several scenes I plan to incorporate into the story.
A friend of mine will give me candy if I include a certain scene and give her a cameo appearance in said scene. I love my friends. :3
Are you going to take on the challenge of 50,000 words? Join us!

Please note that if you choose to pursue this challenge, you should be able to give up your sanity/social life for a month in order to win.

You'll get your life back after the event.
Good morning/night/afternoon, wherever you may be!
Mentally preparing to give up my non-existant social life,

10 October 2011

Oh Look, Pictures! but mostly information on my oc's

I hope you guys don't mind if I spam you with drawings.
I've already posted these on my deviantart account...I think.
Oh...I guess I didn't upload this to dA yet. Oops.
An elf girl...sleeping...yeah. This was basically an excuse for me to practice shading. Did I succeed?
My OC's, Nico (left) and Noc (right).
Nico is my persona, and Noc is my Insona (he was born after I learned of frzdragon's Insona concept). Noc is a lich (a zombie who can use magic), and his scarf has taken on a mind of its own. The scarf often likes to create mischief, such as the situation being portrayed in the above picture. :)

Noc reference WIP
I'm still in the process of coloring this. I'll hopefully finish it soon. :'D
Noc is my Insona (as stated before). (To find out more about Insonas, click here.) His tattoo is sideways and over his right eye. His color is purple, and his emotion is extreme narcissism. He tends to fight by ripping off the limbs of his opponents. Some of his magic was shoved into the scarf, and so the scarf ended up having a personality of its own. I suppose due to this separate personality, the scarf never listens to Noc, and thus Noc can never use it in battle, often causing Noc much frustration.No, his hair is not gray. It's supposed to be black. But my color pencil dislikes me and only turns black after I color in really hard. :'D
Lexi (another OC)
 Lexi is my dimension-travelling character. Her home is in the world of the Soul Eater manga, but she rarely stays there due to certain incidents, spending more of her time in other worlds. Her main job, other than as a dimension traveler (which is a job passed down through her family), is to find the evil souls that have escaped from the Soul Eater realm.
She's mute (due to certain other incidents), but has developed the ability of telepathy, so she can still communicate when she needs to.
I sometimes fear that she's become a Mary-Sue...oh well.... :'D
RuRu, also an OC.
RuRu is Lexi's traveling companion. He was originally a stuffed bunny from Lexi's childhood. After an encounter that included a witch who was in need of victims volunteers for one of her potions, he came to life via a different potion that had fallen off a shelf.
He fights using carrot-based weapons, such as the carrot gun shown above. It releases beams of carroty goodness out of the tip. :3

And I think that's all I'll spam you guys with today. Have a nice Monday!
Off to school now,
PS--these are all my pictures. AKA, no stealing! <3

01 October 2011

Saturday Morning Adventures!...

...Oh, the pains of waking up early.
And by early, I'm talking 6:30 am.
Which, if you think about it, isn't too early...though the sun was just barely over the horizon when I left my house.
So yeah, I guess kinda early.
My parents drove. I slept in the backseat (such a peaceful nap I had).
When we arrived at our destination, it was 7:15 am. Earlier than expected.
You're probably wondering, "But Connie, what on Earth did you have to do that early on such a fine Saturday morning?"
The answer, my dear friends, is this:
Oh, the torture.
But at least it was better than I thought it would. Though I ended up having to go to a different school than the one I attend because I signed up two months ago, and the site at my school was already full. :(
I missed out on seeing my best friend too. Sadness. D:
Not knowing anybody was a sort of relief, though. I got to collect my thoughts in peace before the test, and I ended up feeling not as nervous as I had been all of Friday.
This is where I took my test. It's such a pretty campus.
But the bathrooms are too dark. I think that's my one complaint about that school. Oh, and from what I saw as I was walking through the hallway, none of the classrooms have carpets. Huh. Interesting.
I got placed in room 207. (They have hallways for every building! My school doesn't have that. And it looks like YVHS has enough lockers for everyone. Lucky butts.)
My proctor, a sweet looking old lady, started us at approximately 8:30 (we took a while filling in all that information shtuffs), and we had a 5 minute break every two sections until the last four, which we did in quick succession.
Four sections in a row = my brain is fried by the end of the test. I walked out a zombie.
Or, in my case, "Caaaaannnnnnnnndy."
Overall, I think I did pretty well. I may or may not have made a few silly errors, and my essay wasn't all that great, but I don't think I did too badly. Hopefully.
Now excuse me as I go refry my brain with school homework.
Ready to pass out,
PS--hey look! None of these pictures are mine for once. Surprising. I will fix that with the next post.