05 September 2011

Hey There, Stranger

Hello there, random bystander who just chanced upon my blog.
My name is Connie. Really no point in hiding it, since it's displayed on my dA account anyways.
I am an artist. As can be seen by my picture ID thingy (I drew that! Feel proud of me!).

I also drew/photographed/whatever'd the rest of the stuff on my dA account. Like:

Look up the music video for the song listed on the left.
Yay for crappy anatomy!
"Essence of People"
"Wishing for Freedom"

"The Long Road Ahead"
"Abandoned Egg"

The photographs are part of my (abandoned) 365 Day Photo Project for 2011. I'll do better on next year's goal. Promise! (I gave up on day 204) >_<;;
Um. I really don't know what else I'm supposed to say here. The main reason this blog came into existence is because of the fact that my parents blocked tumblr. So instead of posting my crappy work on tumblr, I'll be spamming you people here instead. Hurray!
....I'll go to bed now. Writing at 2:43 am is probably not a very good idea. Will *possibly* write a better introduction for myself tomorrow.
--Connie, Stealer of Souls
*EDIT: Please don't use the pictures/drawings without permission. I don't usually have a problem with people stealing my works, but it's better to be safe than sorry, after all.


  1. im in Australia and it is only 6 pm!!! Thank you for commenting on my blog!!! You are such a good drawer by the way! Don't worry. I am not a stalker. I had to convince my parents to let me have this blog. They are really strict about exposing myself on the internet anyways. Have a good sleep genius! :-)

  2. New post please!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) :-() :-) :-p