17 November 2011

Thanksgiving Break! (almost) And NaNoWriMo And New Drawings

For me (in California), Thanksgiving Break starts the minute I get out of school Friday afternoon. And I won't have to go back until November 28th. YESSSS!
But all my teachers have decided that they're going to give out tests the last two days of this week. NOOOO!
Oh high school, how I love thee...not. At least you're not giving me tests the day after break. That would ruin my entire holiday. So thank you for that.

I am so very behind. :( I'm at 20,013 words, when I should be at 28,339 words to be on track. Guess I have a ton of writing to do over break. *sigh*
Okay, not really very behind. Just behind enough to start mentally freaking out.
And I can never seem to write past the beginning within four chapters. I'm at almost 6 chapters, and I've barely made it past my beginning. *sigh*
...I can do this! I'll just write like my life depends on it tomorrow when I get back from school.
I think for next year, I'm going to have to try to actually make an outline. Or do a revised version of a fairytale, like I was originally planning to do. I have the basic plot lined out for that story anyways. I'll update it come this time next year, and do that instead of trying to go with the flow.
...Or I'll completely ignore everything I just said and do what I just said I wouldn't do. -shot-
At least I know what my personality is like enough to judge how I will actually react. XD
...I was going to say something else, but I forgot. Whoops. Onwards to the next topic!

All are pictures that I can't seem to upload to dA due to uploading problems via my computer:
Princess-based dresses! (Click on it for a better view)
I started doodling triangles, but eventually got bored and started doodling clothing designs, based on (clockwise from top left) Cinderella's, Ariel's, Mulan's, and Belle's attire in their movies. (Though Mulan's is more from my head than based on the movie.)

My version of Emma Watson's dress that she wore to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 UK Premiere.
The ruffles were so fun to draw. The torso part of the dress, not so much. But the ruffles are pretty, and that's all that matters. XD
Here's a photo of the actual dress:

Emma Watson is just too pretty. She's stolen all of the acting talent and beauty in this world.
Isn't it pretty? The real life version, I mean. The one I drew just doesn't compare to the real life version of the dress.

I think right now, Drifloon is my favorite of all the Pokemon. For one, they're easy to draw. Two, they are just so cute, and weak, and...<3
My goal is to draw something like this (and by this, I mean "Pokemon-based fashion" for all...*goes to check* 649 Pokemon, including the new Generation V: Unova (Black/White). It's going to take a while, that's for sure.

I title this "Sweet Escape." Cause she lives in a monochrome world (symbolized by how her clothes are all black and gray, and her hair is supposed to be black), but dreams of a world of color (pink peeking out of her sleeve, smiling while letting pink flower petals blow away in the wind, etc).
I originally drew this for a contest on dA, but my dad decided that I spent too much time on deviantArt and blocked it. So I found a way around that. But that method meant I couldn't upload anything. So I found proxies to counter THAT. But then he blocked proxies. So...no uploading to dA for me. *sob*
This is a card I made for my friend Emily. The top half is the front, and the bottom half is the inside.
It includes several references to vlogbrothers (heck, it says it loud and proud on the bottom of the front) and a reference to the Deathly Hallows.
My plan is to make something like this for all of my close friends' birthdays this year. Oh dear...I seem to enjoy setting unattainable goals for myself.
"Rainbows Puked On My Clothes"
This is what happens after I start messing with colors. I was trying to put all the colors of the rainbow on here...I guess I succeeded, but there are way too many dark colors (red, blue, purple) represented compared to light colors (orange, yellow green). Decided to keep my original hair style for this one, because I wanted to draw it with the rainbow clip.
...I have a strange obsession with long off-the-shoulder sleeves.

I've also been drawing on a classmate's binder because she asked me to. I'll take a picture when I'm done doodling on the page. So far, I've doodled on a penguin, two elephants, two dinosaurs, and a mostly finished panda (the sharpie ran out of ink).

That's it for now. Off to studying!
...Or maybe a Youtube video. Distractions are nice.

Already lost her sanity,

PS--Are you planning anything for Thanksgiving?


  1. Beautiful pictures and enjoy your break. :-)

  2. I have made a new blog. Yay! Come check it out! Love your drawings xx